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    • Chemical composition and antibacterial and antioxidant activity of a citrus essential oil and its fractions 

      Ambrosio, Carmen M.S.; Diaz-Arenas, Gloria L.; Agudelo, Leidy P.A.; Stashenko, Elena; Contreras Castillo, Carmen J.; Da Gloria, Eduardo M. (Marcello Iriti and Md. Moshfekus Saleh-E-InBR, 2021-05-13)
      ABSTRACT Essential oils (EOs) from Citrus are the main by-product of Citrus-processing industries. In addition to food/beverage and cosmetic applications, citrus EOs could also potentially be used as an alternative to ...
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    • Microencapsulation Enhances the in vitro Antibacterial Activity of a Citrus Essential Oil 

      Ambrosio, Carmen M.S.; Alvim, Izabela D.; Contreras Castillo, Carmen J.; Da Gloria, Eduardo M. (Taylor & FrancisBR, 2020-12-07)
      ABSTRACT Essential oils (EOs) have become a promising alternative to antibiotic use in animal breeding because of their biological properties. Citrus EOs, a by-product of citrus processing industries, could be a feasible ...
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    • Unraveling the selective antibacterial activity and chemical composition of citrus essential oils 

      Ambrosio, Carmen M.S.; Ikeda, Natália Y.; Miano, Alberto C.; Saldaña, Erick; Moreno, Andrea M.; Stashenko, Elena; Contreras-Castillo, Carmen J.; Da Gloria, Eduardo M. (Springer NatureBR, 2019-11-27)
      ABSTRACT Post-weaning diarrhea (PWD) is an often disease affecting piglets. It is caused mainly by enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) colonization in pig gut. Antibiotics has been used to prevent, combat and control ...
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