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  • Design of a prototype for water desalination plant using flexible, low-cost titanium dioxide nanoparticles 

    Arce Misajel, Jean Pierre; Chamorro Quijano, Sario Angel; Cruz Esteban, Dominick Marco; Torres Rojas, Steve Robert; Huamanchahua, Deyby; Manzanares Grados, Ruth Aracelis (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2022-01-10)
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    This research presents the design of a desalination plant with the use of titanium oxide nanoparticles for better energy efficiency in the evaporation process with solar energy thanks to its properties as photothermic ...
  • Educational architecture for children with mental disabilities. Reflections between theory and reality 

    Delgado Silva Boza, Stephanie Holly; Quintanilla Gutierrez, Hilary Katline; Valdivia Loro, Arturo (IAEME Publication, 2020-04-30)
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    ABSTRACT The article aims to demonstrate the roles that an inclusive educational center must f ulfill to positively influence the cognitive development of children with mental disabilities. The physical reality ...
  • Quality of social housing in Metropolitan Lima 

    Sanchez Barrera, Julio Cesar; Valdivia Loro, Arturo (IAEME Publication, 2020-01-01)
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    ABSTRACT This article studies the quality and the satisfaction variables of the current situation as the housing in Metropolitan Lima, the Peruvian city with the highest population number, the largest number of homes from ...