Recent Submissions

  • Fluid pulsation modes and tidal deformability of anisotropic strange stars in light of the GW170817 event 

    Arbañil, José D. V.; Flores, Cesar V.; Lenzi, César H.; Pretel, Juan M. Z. (American Physical Society, 2023-06-09)
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    The effects of anisotropy on the fluid pulsation modes when adopting the so-called Cowling approximation and the tidal deformability of strange-quark stars are investigated by numerically integrating the hydrostatic ...
  • Phase transition and stiffer core fluid in neutron stars: Effects on stellar configurations, dynamical stability, and tidal deformability 

    Arbañil, José D. V.; Rodrigues, Lucas S.; Lenzi, César H. (Institute for Ionics, 2023-03-13)
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    In this work, we investigate the influence of the phase transition and a stiffer fluid in neutron stars’ cores on the static equilibrium configuration, dynamical stability, and tidal deformability. For this aim, it is ...
  • Gate voltage enhances the thermoelectric transport of quantum dots in graphene nanoribbons 

    Pereira Amorim, Felippe; Torres, Alberto; Perez Villegas, Cesar Enrique; Rocha, Alexandre Reily (Elsevier, 2023-05-29)
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    Chemically derived graphene nanoribbons and quantum dots are unique nanostructures that offer more possibilities than 2D and 3D systems to tune their electronic properties due to the enhanced quantum confinement effects. ...
  • Near-infrared optical response and carrier dynamics for high photoconversion power in tellurene 

    Villegas, Cesar E. P.; Rocha, Alexandre R. (American Chemical Society, 2022-04-05)
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    Materials for applications in solar cells require a combination of features including an appropriate band gap and long relaxation times for photoexcited hot carriers. On the basis of ab initio many-body perturbation theory, ...
  • Efficient hot carrier dynamics in near-infrared photocatalytic metals 

    Villegas, Cesar E. P.; Leite, Marina S.; Marini, Andrea; Rocha, Alexandre R. (American Physical Society, 2022-04-05)
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    Photoexcited metals can produce highly energetic hot carriers whose controlled generation and extraction is a promising avenue for technological applications. While hot-carrier dynamics in Au-group metals have been widely ...
  • Ulcerative lesion caused by inoculation of leishmanin 

    Rojas Jaimes, Jesús (American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2022-01-24)
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    La leishmaniasis se presenta con manifestaciones clínicas variadas, incluyendo cutáneas, mucosas y viscerales, que son tratadas con antimoniales u otros agentes que tienen efectos adversos. La evolución de la enfermedad ...
  • Radial oscillations and stability of compact stars in f(R, T) = R+ 2β T gravity 

    Pretel, Juan M. Z.; Jorás, Sergio E.; Reis, Ribamar R. R.; Arbañil, José D. V. (IOP Publishing, 2021-04-22)
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    ABSTRACT We examine the static structure configurations and radial stability of compact stars within the context of f(R, T) gravity, with R and T standing for the Ricci scalar and trace of the energy-momentum tensor, ...
  • The structure and stability of massive hot white dwarfs 

    Nunes, Silvia P.; Arbañil, José D. V.; Malheiro, Manuel (IOP Publishing, 2021-09-09)
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    ABSTRACT We investigate the structure and stability against radial oscillations, pycnonuclear reactions, and inverse β-decay of hot white dwarfs. We consider the fluid matter to be made up of nucleons and electrons confined ...
  • Neutron stars in f(R,T) gravity with conserved energy-momentum tensor: Hydrostatic equilibrium and asteroseismology 

    Pretel, Juan M. Z.; Jorás, Sergio E.; Reis, Ribamar R. R.; Arbañil, José D. V. (IOP Publishing, 2021-08-24)
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    ABSTRACT We investigate the equilibrium and radial stability of spherically symmetric relativistic stars, considering a polytropic equation of state (EoS), within the framework of f(R,T) gravity with a conservative ...
  • Impact dynamics for gravity-driven motion of a particle 

    Villegas, Cesar E. P.; Rojas, Wudmir Y.; Bravo, Carlos; Rocha, Alexandre R. (IOP Publishing, 2020-11-16)
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    ABSTRACT Introductory mechanics courses use the bouncing ball model to familiarize students with the principles of binary inelastic collisions. Nonetheless, in undergraduate courses, the modeling of binary systems typically ...
  • Radial pulsation of a compact object in d dimensions 

    Arbañil, José D. V.; Malheiro, Manuel (IOP Publishing, 2020-06-26)
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    RESUMEN The influence of the extra dimensions on the equilibrium and radial pulsation of a compact object is investigated. For such purpose, we solve the stellar structure equations and radial pulsation equations, both ...
  • First-principles calculation of hot carriers in black phosphorus 

    Villegas, Cesar E. P.; Rocha, Alexandre R. (IOP Publishing, 2020-06-26)
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    ABSTRACT Black Phosphorus (BP), a layered semiconductor, has atracted enormous attention due to its singular anisotropic electronic, optical and thickness-dependent direct bandgap properties. As a consequence, BP has been ...