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  • Regime, fundamental and social rights in Latin America, 2019 

    Cáceres López, Roslem (Universidad Privada Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín, 2021-01-04)
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    En la Latinoamérica contemporánea, el significado asimétrico otorgado a las dimensiones de la democracia por los regímenes de cada país, configura la implementación de políticas públicas que se expresan en el amparo ...
  • Remote Teaching-learning Process and Degree of Student Satisfaction in a Private University in Lima, Peru 

    Riega Virú, Yasmina; Ninaquispe Soto, Mario E.; Quiliano Terreros, Rocío; Beltrán Ponce, Rosa Luz; Velazco Marmolejo, Harold (IEEE, 2023-05-02)
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    The objective of this research is to analyze the development of remote teaching regarding its impact on the teaching-learning process and the degree of satisfaction of the students of the School of Law at a private university ...
  • 2023 4th Information Communication Technologies Conference, ICTC 2023 

    Vargas Murillo, Alfonso Renato; Pari Bedoya, Ilda Nadia Monica de la Asuncion (IEEE, 2023-06-23)
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    The concept of virtual classrooms has had an impact within the educational community ever since the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond. While many people would consider this an opportunity for the implementation of information ...
  • Improvement of the Production Process, Through Simulation Models, in a Pet Bottle Manufacturing Company 

    Torres Tineo, Estefany Yoselyn; Córdova Vásquez, John Milthon; Huerta Mendez, Mario Roberto; Santos Pacheco, Omar Alfonso; Ninaquispe Soto, Mario; Riega Virú, Yasmina (Springer International Publishing AG, 2023-01-01)
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    This research work develops an analysis based on the results of the simulation of the production flow of a PET plastic bottle factory in San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima–Peru, using data collection techniques through the review ...
  • Reading of classic books and development of skills: an experience with Law students 

    Riega Virú, Yasmina; Ninaquispe Soto, Mario E.; Beltrán Ponce, Rosa Luz; Sanchez Pimentel, Janett Isabel (IEEE, 2022-01-31)
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    The article analyzes the competencies related to the level of academic achievement in the course Introduction to Law, measured from the reading of the books Ethics for Amador and The Social Contract. The study was of a ...