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  • Inequalities in COVID-19 vaccination coverage in Peru: An ecological study 

    Kassab Córdova, Ali Al; Mendez Guerra, Carolina; Silva Perez, Claudia; Herrera Añazco, Percy; Benites Zapata, Vicente A. (Elsevier B.V., 2023-04-06)
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    Objective: To assess the correlation between COVID-19 vaccination coverage and the Human Development Index (HDI) at the provincial level in Peru. Study design: Ecological study. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional ...
  • Results and Feasibility of the Virtual Inspection of Clinical Trials During Pandemic of COVID-19 in Peru 

    Herrera Añazco, Percy; Urrunaga Pastor, Diego; Soto Ordoñez, Suly; Torres, Fernando; López Dávila, Luis Manuel; Muñoz Del Carpio Toia, Agueda (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2023-03-28)
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    Objective This study aimed to describe the results of inspection of clinical trials (CTs) and the feasibility of conducting inspections virtually in Peruvian Social Security hospitals during the pandemic of COVID-19. Methods ...
  • Association between self-medication with antibiotics and purchase of brand-name drugs: Analysis of a national survey in Peru 

    Benites Meza, Jerry K.; Herrera Añazco, Percy; Santillán Rodríguez, Arón A.; Zumarán Nuñez, Carlos J.; Barturén Alvarado, Luz C.; Benites Zapata, Vicente A. (Oxford University Press, 2023-04-24)
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    Objectives To determine the association between self-medication with antibiotics (SMA) and purchase of brand-name drugs in Peru. Methods A secondary analysis was conducted using a nationally representative survey from ...
  • Global Perspectives in AKI: Peru 

    Herrera Añazco, Percy; Rivas Nieto, Andrea C.; Neyra, Javier A. (Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2023-05-08)
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    Peru is a middle-income Latin American country with an estimated population of more than 31 million inhabitants.1 Although our country has experienced significant improvements in some social determinants of health, the ...
  • Inequalities in anemia among Peruvian children aged 6–59 months: A decomposition analysis 

    Kassab Córdova, Ali Al; Mendez Guerra, Carolina; Robles Valcarcel, Pamela; Iberico Bellomo, Luis; Alva, Kenedy; Herrera Añazco, Percy; Benites Zapata, Vicente A. (Frontiers Media S.A., 2023-03-31)
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    Objective: To quantify the inequalities of anemia in Peruvian children aged 6–59 months and uncover its contributing factors. Materials and methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study based on the secondary data ...
  • Factors associated with not receiving the primary series and booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine among Venezuelan migrants in Peru: A population-based cross-sectional study 

    Kassab Córdova, Ali Al; Silva Perez, Claudia; Mendez Guerra, Carolina; Herrera Añazco, Percy; Benites Zapata, Vicente A. (Elsevier Inc., 2023-03-12)
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    Background: Ensuring broad COVID-19 vaccination coverage among migrants is a global public health concern. Thus, our study aimed to assess the factors associated with not receiving the primary series and booster dose ...
  • Vitamin B12 levels in thyroid disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

    Benites Zapata, Vicente A.; Ignacio Cconchoy, Felipe L.; Ulloque Badaracco, Juan R.; Hernandez Bustamante, Enrique A.; Alarcón Braga, Esteban A.; Al-Kassab Córdova, Ali; Herrera Añazco, Percy (Frontiers Media S.A., 2023-02-22)
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    Background and aims: Numerous studies have found an association between vitamin deficiency and thyroid disorders (TD). The presence of anti-parietal cell antibodies is indicative of reduced ability to absorb vitamin B12. ...
  • Self-Medication Practices, Use of Brand-Name, and Over-the-Counter Medicines by Peruvian Older Adults 

    Herrera Añazco, Percy; Mougenot, Benoit; Benites Meza, Jerry K.; Barturén Alvarado, Luz C.; Zumarán Nuñez, Carlos J.; Boyd Gamarra, Maria A.; Runzer Colmenares, Fernando M.; Benites Zapata, Vicente A. (Canadian Geriatrics Society, 2023-03-02)
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    Background Older adults are a particularly vulnerable group to drug use and self-medication. The aim of the study was to evaluate self-medication as a factor associated with the purchase of brand-name and over-the-counter ...
  • Bibliometric Analysis of Medicinal Plants’ Original Articles from Latin America and the Caribbean Region 

    Alarcon Ruiz, Christoper A.; Maguiña, Jorge L.; Apolaya Segura, Moises; Carhuapoma Yance, Mario; Aranda Ventrura, Jose; Herrera Añazco, Percy (Phcog.Net, 2023-02-10)
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    The use of medicinal plants by health professionals and the general population is widespread in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region due to its cultural tradition and extensive biodiversity. We aimed to describe ...
  • Characteristics of theses for physician graduation: a cross-sectional study in Peru [Características de las tesis para titularse de médico: estudio transversal en Perú] 

    Angulo Fernandez, Kevyn Javier; Herrera Añazco, Percy; Soto Ordoñez, Suly; Bendezu Quispe, Guido (Medwave Estudios Limitada, 2023-04-17)
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    Introducción La investigación en Perú presenta diversas barreras que impiden su desarrollo. Ello afecta también las tesis para graduarse de médico. Nuestro objetivo fue caracterizar las tesis para obtener el título de ...