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dc.contributor.authorDávila, Abraham
dc.contributor.authorBasurto, Carla
dc.contributor.authorFlores, Luis
dc.contributor.authorManrique, Rita
dc.contributor.authorArisaca, Robert
dc.contributor.authorSánchez, Jorge
dc.contributor.authorSchneck de Paula Pessôa, Marcelo
dc.description.abstractAbstract: The COMPETISOFT project in Peru represented an effort developed over three phases by students, professionals, teachers from universities and companies. They worked around to adopt a software process model called MoProSoft in small software development companies. Project implementation has generated different kind of results at the level of businesses, professionals and academics. This article shows the relevant aspects of the project, the work scheme followed, results and lessons learned from the academic perspective of a university-company relationship.es_PE
dc.publisherUniversidad Privada del Nortees_PE
dc.sourceUniversidad Privada del Nortees_PE
dc.sourceRepositorio Institucional - UPNes_PE
dc.subjectEducational institutionses_PE
dc.subjectOrganisational aspectses_PE
dc.subjectUniversity-company relationshipes_PE
dc.subjectPeruvian componentes_PE
dc.subjectCompetisoft projectes_PE
dc.subjectSoftware process modeles_PE
dc.subjectSoftware development companieses_PE
dc.subjectWork schemees_PE
dc.subjectAcademic perspectivees_PE
dc.subjectSoftware development managementes_PE
dc.titleThe peruvian component of Competisoft project: Lesson learned from academic perspectivees_PE

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