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  • Elliptic curve algorithms for a new PKI Hierarchy in the Peruvian State 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2021-09-21)
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    In this paper we determine the elliptic curve algorithms with its respective parameters and technical specifications for a new PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) hierarchy in the Peruvian state considering the following ...
  • Contribution of Augmented Reality in Teaching and Learning, in the Midst of COVID-19: Systematic Review 

    Chamorro Atalaya, Omar; Morales Romero, Guillermo; Quispe Andía, Adrián; Quispe Guía, Shirley; Guía Altamirano, Teresa; Auqui Ramos, Elizabeth; Linares Sánchez, Guillermo; Sandoval Nizama, Genaro; Arévalo Tuesta, José Antonio (Society for Research and Knowledge Management, 2023-03-15)
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    The state of emergency declared in many countries due to the pandemic led universities to consider the incursion of technological tools to give continuity to the teaching and learning process; therefore it is significant ...
  • An inexact proximal decomposition method for variational inequalities with separable structure 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik A.; Sarmiento, Orlando; Oliveira, Paulo Roberto (EDP Sciences, 2020-02-12)
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    This paper presents an inexact proximal method for solving monotone variational inequality problems with a given separable structure. The proposed algorithm is a natural extension of the Proximal Multiplier Algorithm with ...
  • Optimizing User Information Value in a Web Search Through the Whittle Index 

    Mendoza Villacorta, German; Santaria Leuyacc, Yony Raúl (Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH, 2023-05-01)
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    Attention economy is a rich information management approach in order to get only significant information. In this work, we analyze the problem of optimizing the value of information presented in an electronic device to ...
  • An overview on conjugate gradient methods for optimization, extensions and applications 

    Aguilar Mendoza, Hans Steven; Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex; Cano Lengua, Miguel Angel (IEEE Engineering International Research Conference (EIRCON), 2021-11-30)
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    This paper aims to identify the current state of the art of the latest research related to Conjugate Gradient (CG) methods for unconstrained optimization through a systematic literature review according to the methodology ...
  • Elliptic curves cryptography for lightweight devices in IoT systems 

    Simon Francia, Ana; Solis Lastra, Javier; Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex (Springer, 2022-02-03)
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    To protect data confidentiality, cryptographic methods are widely used, however, traditional methods require a higher level of computational resources to achieve a higher level of security. For this reason, ECC (Elliptic ...
  • An interior proximal method with proximal distances for quasimonotone equilibrium problems 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex (Springer, 2021-12-08)
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    We introduce an interior proximal point algorithm with proximal distances to solve quasimonotone Equilibrium problems defined on convex sets. Under adequate assumptions, we prove that the sequence generated by the algorithm ...
  • Clarke subdifferential, Pareto-Clarke critical points and descent directions to multiobjective optimization on Hadamard manifolds 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex; Baygorrea, Nancy; Maculan, Nelson (Springer, 2021-12-08)
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    In this paper, we aim to complement our work reported in [20] by showing some further properties and results on Clarke subdifferential, Pareto-Clarke critical points and descent directions on Hadamard manifolds. These tools ...
  • Linear and superlinear convergence of an inexact algorithm with proximal distances for variational inequality problems 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik; Cruzado Acuña, Segundo (Department of Mathematics Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, 2022-02-01)
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    This paper introduces an inexact proximal point algorithm using proximal distances with linear and superlinear rate of convergence for solving variational inequality problems when the mapping is pseudomonotone or quasimonotone. ...
  • Requirements for a new peruvian electronic identity card 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex; Cuno, Alvaro; Sarmiento, Edgar; Cruzado, Ever (IEEE, 2020-11-12)
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    ABSTRACT In this article, we present a list of 51 technical requirements for a new Peru's national electronic identity (eID) card, grouped on four categories: general, card, hardware (subdivided into the antenna, chip, ...
  • ECC usage on X.509 digital certificates 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex; Cuno, Alvaro; Ramos Lovón, Wilber; Cruzado, Ever (IEEE, 2020-11-19)
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    ABSTRACT This paper presents a review of the adoption of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) algorithms in X.509 digital certificates. It was analyzed the cases of Estonia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia, Brazil, and ...
  • A systematic literature review on support vector machines aplied to classification 

    Cano Lengua, Miguel Angel; Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex (IEEE, 2020-11-19)
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    ABSTRACT This paper aims to identify the current state of the art of the latest research related to support vector machines through a literature review system according to the methodology proposed by Kitchenham and Charter, ...
  • A proximal multiplier method for convex separable symmetric cone optimization 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex; López Luis, Julio; Cano Lengua, Miguel Angel (Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-05-01)
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    ABSTRACT This work is devoted to the study of a proximal decomposition algorithm for solving convex symmetric cone optimization with separable structures. The algorithm considered is based on a decomposition method and ...
  • A proximal method to solve quasiconvex non-differentiable location problems 

    Cano Lengua, Miguel Angel; Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex (Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-05-01)
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    ABSTRACT The location problem is of great interest in order to establish different location demands in the state or private sector. The model of this problem is usually reduced to a mathematical optimization problem. In ...
  • A proximal method for multiobjective quasiconvex minimization on the nonnegative orthant and its application to demand theory in microeconomy 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex; Borda Marcatinco, Dante; Collantes Sánchez, Frank (Association for Computing Machinery, 2020-07-16)
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    ABSTRACT In this paper we propose an inexact proximal point method to solve multiobjective minimization problems with locally Lipschitz quasiconvex objective functions on the nonnegative orthant. Assuming that the function ...
  • Security, privacy and interoperability requirements for peruvian remote digital signatures 

    Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex; Cruzado Quispe, Ever; Quiroz Papa de García, Rosalia (IIIS, 2021-03-09)
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    ABSTRACT There are several technological solutions currently available in the market that allow customers/citizens to digitally sign electronic documents through their smartphones. Regardless of how user-friendly they ...
  • A stock market forecasting model in Peru using artificial intelligence and computational optimization tools 

    Cano Lengua, Miguel Angel; Rodríguez Mallma, Mirko Jerber; Papa Quiroz, Erik Alex (Springer, 2020-12-15)
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    ABSTRACT It is proposed the development of a forecast model capable of predicting the behavior of the price indices and quotes of the shares traded on the Lima Stock Exchange, based on the use of artificial intelligence ...