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dc.contributor.authorRurush, Eduardo
dc.contributor.authorAlvarado, María
dc.contributor.authorPalacios, Paola
dc.contributor.authorFlores, Yeimy
dc.contributor.authorLindsay Rojas, Meliza
dc.contributor.authorMiano, Alberto Claudio
dc.identifier.citationRurush, E., ...[et al.]. (2021). Drying kinetics of blueberry pulp and mass transfer parameters: effect of hot air and refractance window drying at different temperatures. Journal of food engineering, 320.
dc.descriptionEl texto completo de este trabajo no está disponible en el Repositorio Académico UPN por restricciones de la casa editorial donde ha sido publicado.es_PE
dc.description.abstractBlueberry pulp was dried using hot air (HA) and refractance window (RW) methods at 55–95 °C, the drying kinetics were described by the Page (k and n) and Fick (Deff1) Models. In addition, mass transfer parameters (drying coefficient (S), lag factor (G), Biot number (Bi), effective diffusivity (Deff2), external mass transfer (hm)); and the activation energy were analysed. As results, the Page model showed the best fit, Deff1 and k parameters increased with temperature, especially for RW drying at 95 °C. RW method reduced the HA drying time by more than 30%. Furthermore, the 0<Bi<0.4 values were related to variations in internal resistance with temperature, except for HA drying at 95 °C, where the external resistance was also reduced. In conclusion, mass transfer parameters suggested that internal resistance was more important during HA drying, while RW was the most effective method since it needed lower time to dry samples.es_PE
dc.sourceUniversidad Privada del Nortees_PE
dc.sourceRepositorio Institucional - UPNes_PE
dc.subjectDeshidratación de alimentoses_PE
dc.subjectTratamiento térmico de los alimentoses_PE
dc.subjectSecado de alimentoses_PE
dc.subjectTransferencia de aguaes_PE
dc.titleDrying kinetics of blueberry pulp and mass transfer parameters: effect of hot air and refractance window drying at different temperatureses_PE
dc.identifier.journalJournal of food engineeringes_PE
dc.description.peer-reviewRevisión por pareses_PE
dc.description.sedeTrujillo San Isidroes_PE

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