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  • Important Teacher Qualities for Integrating Blended Learning in Higher Education 

    Cespedes Panduro, B.; Ticona Arapa, H. C.; Zela Payi, N. O.; Chambi Condori, N.; León, A. Sucari; Chipana Loayza, P.; Sardon Quispe, W. W.; Callupe Cueva, P. C.; Torres Chuco, M. S.; Aguilar Pichón, F. M.; Tilwani, S. A. (Natural Sciences Publishing, 2023-05-01)
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    Blended learning is widely accepted in Peruvian higher education for a number of reasons, including the fact that it allows students more leeway to accommodate their own unique schedule and learning needs. The present ...
  • Potassium hexacyanoferrate(III): A promising additive for perovskite precursors in carbon-based perovskite solar cells 

    kumar, Anjan; Sayyed, M. I.; Sabugaa, Michael M.; Seemaladinne, Ramanjaneyulu; Orosco Gavilán, Juan Carlos; Singh, Parminder; Sharma, Amit; Kumar, T. Ch Anil (Elsevier, 2023-06-13)
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    Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) that use carbon electrodes and low-temperature processed electron transport layers (ETLs) show great promise in meeting global energy needs at an affordable price. Our current research is ...
  • Proposing empirical correlations and optimization of Nu and Sgen of nanofluids in channels and predicting them using artificial neural network 

    El Jery, Atef; Ramírez Coronel, Andrés Alexis; Orosco Gavilán, Juan Carlos; Al Ansari, Nadhir; Sh Sammen, Saad (Elsevier Ltd, 2023-04-15)
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    Getting the best performance from a thermal system requires two fundamental analyses, energy and entropy generation. An ideal mechanism has the highest Nu and the lowest entropy Sgen. As part of this research, a large ...
  • Additive engineering with sodium azide material for efficient carbon-based perovskite solar cells 

    Kumar, Anjan; Sayyed, M. I.; Sabugaa, Michael M.; Singh, Sangeeta; Orosco Gavilán, Juan Carlos; Sharma, Amit (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2023-03-21)
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    Perovskite solar cells with carbon electrodes (C-PSCs) are one of the low-cost and new-generation solar cell technologies to solve global energy demands. In the current research, an additive engineering approach to a ...
  • Effects of a Uniform Magnetic Field on Twisted Graphene Nanoribbons 

    Soares, Camila C.; Obispo, Angel E.; Jirón Vicente, Andrés G.; Castro, Luis B. (John Wiley and Sons Inc, 2023-03-27)
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    In the present work, the relativistic quantum motion of massless fermions in a helicoidal graphene nanoribbon under the influence of a uniform magnetic field is investigated. Considering a uniform magnetic field (B) aligned ...
  • Adsorption of thiotepa anticancer by the assistance of aluminum nitride nanocage scaffolds: A computational perspective on drug delivery applications 

    Reivan Ortiz, G. G.; Cespedes Panduro, B.; Saba, I.; Cotrina Aliaga, J. C.; Mohany, M.; Al Rejaie, S. S.; Arias Gonzales, J. L.; Ramiz Cornell, A. A.; Kadham, M. J.; Akhavan Sigari, R. (Elsevier B.V., 2023-03-21)
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    This work was carried out by the importance of providing insights into the nano-based drug delivery of anticancers. To this aim, a representative model of aluminum nitride (AN) nanocage scaffold and two of its boron and ...
  • A Mendelian Randomization Analysis Investigates Causal Associations between Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Variable Risk Factors 

    Saadh, Mohamed J.; Pal, Rashmi Saxena; Arias Gonzáles, José Luis; Orosco Gavilán, Juan Carlos; J. C., Darshan; Mohany, Mohamed; Al Rejaie, Salim S.; Bahrami, Abolfazl; Kadham, Mustafa Jawad; Amin, Ali H.; Georgia, Hrosti (MDPI, 2023-02-27)
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    The question of whether variable risk factors and various nutrients are causally related to inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) has remained unanswered so far. Thus, this study investigated whether genetically predicted ...
  • Synthesize of pluronic-based nanovesicular formulation loaded with Pistacia atlantica extract for improved antimicrobial efficiency 

    Al Ouqaili, Mushtak T. S.; Saleh, Raed Obaid; Amin, Hawraz Ibrahim M.; Jawhar, Zanko Hassan; Akbarizadeh, Majid Reza; Naderifar, Mahin; Issa, Kovan Dilawer; Gavilán, Juan Carlos Orosco; Nobre, Marcos Augusto Lima; Jalil, Abduladheem Turki; Akhavan Sigari, Reza (King Saud University, 2023-03-07)
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    One of the current concerns to human health is antibiotic resistance, which promotes the use of antibiotics that are more harmful, expensive, and ineffective. In this condition, researchers are turning to innovative options ...
  • DFT assessments of BN, AlN, and GaN decorated carbon cage scaffolds for sensing the thiamazole drug 

    Reivan Ortiz, G. G.; Cespedes Panduro, B.; Shahrtash, S. A.; Rahimi, F.; Sandi, S.; Arias Gonzáles, J. L.; Ramírez Coronel, A. A.; Cotrina Aliaga, J. C.; Lafta, M. H.; Abedi Kiasari, B.; Akhavan Sigari, R. (Elsevier Ltd, 2023-03-02)
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    Sensing drug substances by nanostructures are very important in accordance with the management of targeted drug delivery processes and drug substances detections. Boron nitride (BN), aluminum nitride (AlN), and gallium ...
  • Sarcopenia and albumin blood: systematic review with meta-analysis [Sarcopenia y albumina sanguínea: revisión sistemática con metaanálisis] 

    Silva Fhon, Jack Roberto; Rojas Huayta, Violeta Magdalena; Aparco Balboa, Juan Pablo; Céspedes Panduro, Bernardo; Partezani Rodrigues, Rosalina Aparecida (Instituto Nacional de Salud, 2021-04-26)
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    La sarcopenia se caracteriza por la pérdida de musculatura durante el envejecimiento, lo que puede traer consecuencias para la salud. Se detecta de diversas formas, una de ellas, el uso de biomarcadores sanguíneos como la ...
  • Metalloporphyrin reduced C70 fullerenes as adsorbents and detectors of ethenone; A DFT, NBO, and TD-DFT study 

    Jouypazadeh, Hamidreza; Arshadi, S.; Cespedes Panduro, B.; Kumar, A.; Habibzadeh, S.; Ahmadi, S.; Vessally, E. (Elsevier Inc., 2023-05-03)
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    In the present work, the structure and electronic properties of Ti-, Cr-, Fe-, Ni-, Zn-, and Cu-inserted in porphyrin-reduced C70 fullerenes (TM-PIC70Fs) and their interactions with the ethenone were studied using DFT, ...
  • Factors of educational inclusion to improve learning: Teachers' perspectives 

    Huaman Romani, Yersi Luis; Carrasco Choque, Fredy; Carrillo De la Cruz, Linda Katherine; Orosco Gavilan, Juan C.; Vasquez Alburqueque, Iris Liliana (Innovative Research Publishing, 2023-02-09)
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    In elementary school, inclusive education should be adapted to the needs of students with special abilities in areas such as recreational activities, feedback and methodologies and planning. The objective of the research ...
  • Reading Comprehension and Behavior in Children Using E-books vs. Printed Books 

    Moutsinas, Georgios A.; Orosco Gavilán, Juan Carlos; Cubas Ramirez, Cesar Emmanuel; Cespedes Panduro, Bernardo; Oblitas Gonzales, Aníbal; Dang Lam, Ngoc Dieu; Naz, Sadia (Sciedu Press, 2023-03-17)
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    The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence that personalized, gamified, and PDF electronic reading practices have on the attitudes which fifth-grade students possess toward e-reading experiences, as well ...